Pregnant in the pandemicA docu-art film by Nicole Jordan


In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world was filled with confusion and fear. People were dying, hospitals were full, shops were shut, and theatres dark. Still, the creation of art and life itself could not be stopped. ‘Lockdown Baby’ documents the stories of three professional performing artists who became pregnant during the first lockdown of the pandemic. These women and mothers-to-be took their art forms from the stage to the city streets to share their intimate expressions of love, fear, and hope for their unborn babies.



I apologise
for this world that no matter what
I can’t despise
Because even in the terrifying lockdown
life brought you to me
showing once again its beauty…


Artistic Director: Nicole Jordan
Performers/Mothers: Nicole Jordan; Jozefien Debaillie; Karin Timmerman
Video Recording & Editing: Katarina Jazbec & Matija Pekić
Interviews: Katarina Jazbec
Sound: Rob Rietveld
Music: Rob Rietveld; Ada M. Patterson; Florian van der Reijden
Year: 2021
Funding: Fonds voor Podium Kunsten; Stichting Droom en Daad